Monday, January 13, 2014

Out With Old And In With The New

  I am a 20+ year old student who is finally moving out and starting a new adventure in a new place and at a new college. I am lucky that I am living with my sister who lives about twenty minutes away from the campus, this arrangement has a lot of advantages and benefits other than the obvious financial ones. The best advantages of living with my sister is that I will be able to have my own designated space, it's not going to be like a dorm where I have four people to a small area...not to mention bathroom. I grew up with a big sister and my mom and it was hard enough sharing the bathroom with three girls and my father....but six girls in one dorm.....ugh I'm not the one for that.  I am pleased that I will be able to assist my sister in things that she can use assistance in, such as helping her finishing painting rooms in her house or giving free babysitting for my nephew, yet still have my independence in this new adventure.
  With this new adventure, I am creating a fresh new space for myself and filling "an empty wall. Moving into my sister's house required certain prep work, I had to help my sister clean out her extra room which, like most households, it had become a "catch-all."  We worked for four and a half hours cleaning out the stuff and organizing the places that the stuff was going to be stashed, which was good because it spring cleaning for both of us.
  After cleaning out the room, I realized that it need a little more than a good clean, it needed fresh paint, the empty walls were dirty and cracking and the faded blue was just.....ugly, not to mention depressing. The original curtains that we removed were a beautiful retro floral print with giant disco blue flowers on them....the faded white background was so too much to comprehend and so overwhelming that the dust brought tears to my eyes. I promptly tossed them into my small garbage pale wondering if I should make one sheer into a pillow as a memento of our hard work. :-)  They looked just like this: 

 Here are the before pictures of the room:

Wall Behind Bed

Desk Before

Switch Cover Before 
  Now it was time to go shopping, I needed to take my small adorable space and turn it into something relaxing and inviting. I told myself that I had $100 to spend to re-do the entire room. I'm not about to spend 6 months to a year in a room that makes me want to never be there or makes me feel like I need to wear a  bag over my head. These are the before picture I will post below photos of the process in which I took this drabby room and turned it into a earthy toned safe study haven.

Cracks, Stains, and Vents...
 After patching up all the holes that previous house owners decorated the walls with, my room looked like it had caught the measles, and so I applied the Calamine Lotion. :-)

   After much thinking and a nice visit to Home Depot, I decided on a green color entitled "Asparagus" for my room and then have brown decor with a splash of teal as accent colors. I was proud to have done all the work by myself, but glad when it was done!
Painting the Ceiling

  I will have photos of the finished project in the next post.

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  1. Miah, this is and adventure and you have turned the room into something inviting. Have a great start to your new life. Martha