Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Painting An Empty Wall

  Last Saturday I moved in with my sister, the move went well. Thanks to my best friend the move went fast and with his help I was able to decorate my room immediately which made for a quick transition. This made for a nice beginning to my first week at school. I am settling in, however, I can tell that my mind still hasn't quite caught up yet. I feel happy and at home, but my mind still has to come to the conclusion of I'm here to stay.

  I love being with my sister, I've come to remember how great of a team we make, she is the hard thinker and I am the pack mule. :-P (Just kidding) I am serious though, about us being a great team, we think differently in a lot of areas, but it is our differences that make us vanquishers of every obstacle that comes our way. For example, the trash situation, my sister forgot the last time she took out the trash was about two weeks ago....and we were hauling out what we could tonight and trying to fit as many of the twenty bags or so we had stocked up in the two garbage pales we had....we still have ten bags sitting in the garage for next week.    
   The best part however, was when she said, "I got to feed the worms" and went out the garage door, I got that miffed look on my face and probably a giant question mark over my head....worms? Well my sister, with all her strength, brought in another trash can into our garage...I got excited because I was picturing the last ten bags being squished in there, I had visions of my sister hoisting me into the trash can to push down the first wave of bags to make room for the second wave.  Then I paused with a curious mind and peered into the can wondering why it took my sister so much effort to bring an empty trash can into the garage. Much to my surprise I found that the can wasn't in fact empty at all,  it was full of dirt beans. I was very confused....I know my sister has strange ideas some times, but dirt? I knew there had to be an explanation, then I recalled, "I got to feed the worms." "Hey, uh...sis, do we really have pet worms?" She gives me a look of really? Don't you know that everybody has a trash can full of  pet worms, "Yes we do, you just can't see them right now, they're under the in the dirt making good compost." That's when I realized that the "pet worms" my sister is a very proud owner of are in fact: red composting worms. These worms are special for breaking down fruits, veggies, coffee grounds, egg shells, and paper making those products into the perfect mix of composting soil. As they eat they release all kinds of good vitamins and stuff that make the soil rich and wonderful. My sister is more of the expert on the worms, but one fascinating thing besides the above information, is that one worm can eat half of its weight in food everyday (which is why you obviously want a bunch of them). If you want more information here is a good link to read:

With that I started naming our many worms, I thought it would be easier if I gave one each a different letter of the alphabet...I got tired when I reach Ophelia, poor Penelope was never officially introduced to her name. :-P Back to the truth; my sister and I decided that we needed to set up our special trash cans in our kitchen again. She knew which ones we needed and I knew how to label them and make them look good. So together we came up with this, told you we were brilliant together:

Our Three Stooges Saving The Planet One Bag At A Time

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